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<div class='margin-l-40 margin-r-40' style='margin-top: 25px;'><p class='font-36 color-orange no-margin'>Welcome!</p><p class='font-22 color-gray no-margin'>If you're a woman who'd like to make new female friends, the kind you actually talk to, hang out with, get to know and grow to love, then you've come to the right place.</p></div> <div class='margin-l-40 margin-r-40' style='margin-top: 40px;'><p class='font-22 color-gray no-margin'>Regardless of your age, race, weight, status, preferences, interests, ambitions, mindset or location, PlusWho was designed for you to find new friends on the same strictly platonic page.</p></div> <div class='margin-l-40 margin-r-40' style='margin-top: 45px;'><p class='font-22 color-gray no-margin'>And with our proprietary See if We Click™ and Let's Go Today™ features, it's never been easier to meet new people in your area, one-on-one. </p></div> <div class='margin-l-40 margin-r-40' style='margin-top: 40px;'><p class='font-22 color-gray no-margin'>Whether you're interested in meeting another bride-to-be, stay-at-home mom, movie buff, entrepreneur, vegan, freegan, shopaholic, world traveler, or an all around BFF, the possibilities are endless, and 100% FREE.</p></div>